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Why Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the global leaders in the retail of domain names and the provision of hosting services to clientele. One of the major problems potential website owners find is making a decision on the web hosting service to purchase.

Namecheap has a variety of hosting services and plans that are tailored to suit the needs of most website owners. The main hosting plans offered by Namecheap are Namecheap Stellar Hosting, Namecheap Stellar Plus Hosting, Namecheap Stellar Business Hosting, Namecheap VPS Hosting and the Positive SSL from Namecheap.

Here is a breakdown of the products from Namecheap

Namecheap Stellar Hosting


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Namecheap VPS Hosting


Namecheap Stellar Business Hosting

$4.80 /mo

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Namecheap Stellar Plus Business Hosting


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NAMECHEAP Stellar Hosting - Best Choice for Beginners

The Namecheap Stellar Hosting plan is the basic plan. It is suitable for websites with low traffic throughout the year. However, compared to other hosting services there are perks to using Namecheap due to its affordability and efficiency.

Price is among the first items that comes to mind when selecting a hosting service. For Namecheap Stellar Hosting, the price is $1.58 for the first month.. However, unlike other Namecheap plans, the Stellar hosting plan can only host 3 websites in a single plan. it also has a limited storage of 20GB. 20gb is enough when hosting fewer websites with low traffic. Like all other Namecheap plans, the Bandwidth for Namecheap Stellar Hosting is unmetered.

Namecheap Stellar Hosting Specifications

NAMECHEAP Stellar Business Hosting

Namecheap stellar Business hosting is the grand plan of Namecheap plan. Its features are way better than the other Namecheap plans, however, so is the cost of purchase. It costs $4.88 per month. However, most potential consumers may wonder, whether they should upgrade to the Namecheap business option. The answer is a resounding yes. The Namecheap Stellar business hosting service is especially suitable for resource intensive websites which have a bulk of content, and intend to have a bulk of visitors as well every day.

An unlimited number of websites can be hosted in a single Stellar Business Hosting Plan. So, do you want your website to run smoothly as you expand the business? do you want your website to run without crashing when a thousand visitors visit your website at the same time? Then you have to upgrade your hosting services to the Namecheap Stellar Business.

One of the reasons Namecheap Business Servers can guarantee a high amount of traffic to your website without crashing is because it hosts from two locations, in the United Kingdom and the United States. Stellar Business Hosting uses Distributed Cloud Storage. This ensures that there is zero downtime to websites despite the traffic they are likely to attract. One important benefit that comes to mind when thinking of distributed cloud storage is high performance and the ability to handle different hardware and software-stack failures.

The stellar Business hosting also offers an auto backup option to users. Users can back up their data automatically to prevent the loss of data in the event that there is a mishap and the website crashes. The number of websites per server are also significantly reduced to maximize on efficiency and performance. Stellar business hosting also guarantees Higher LVE limits and a higher outgoing email limit compared to other plans. It guarantees 10000 emails in every hour per domain. This is an exceptional deal considering the increase in activity that website owners are likely to experience in some hours. Stellar business hosting also includes an Xcache and an APC cache.

In summary the benefits of Namecheap Stellar Business hosting include

Plan Specifications

NAMECHEAP Stellar Plus - For Growing Business with lots of Traffic

Namecheap Stellar Plus is the intermediate plan, it is suitable for accommodating more websites while also running smoothly. The perks of using Stellar plus are immense, especially with regards to finances.

While the cost is more than the Stellar Plan, the Namecheap Stellar Plus plan is cost effective. It costs $2.68 per month. This is cheaper compared to the 4.88 for the stellar business plan, especially when the number of websites and traffic are lower.

Some of the features for the Namecheap Stellar Plus include an unmetered bandwidth, unmetered storage, unlimited email accounts and auto backup.

NAMECHEAP Stellar Plus Specifications


Namecheap Other Products

Namecheap Email Hosting

$0 First Month

Namecheap VPN

$1.88 /mo

Positive SSL from namecheap

$5.99/ yr

NAMECHEAP VPS Hosting - More Dedicated IP than Shared Hosting

One major difference between the Namecheap VPS hosting service and the Namecheap Stellar hosting services is the specificity of the bandwidth. The bandwidth for the Namecheap Stellar hosting services was unmetered.  The Namecheap VPS hosting comprises of two plans, the Pulsar and Quasar plan.

The difference between the plans is the cost of the plans and the specifications. The Pulsar plan is suitable for smaller websites with less traffic while for organizational websites with more traffic, the Quasar plan is more suitable.

The Pulsar plan costs significantly less than the Quasar. It costs $7.88 for the first month and renews for $15.88 per month. The Quasar costs $15.88 for the first month and renews for $19.88/month.



Other benefits of the NAMECHEAP VPS hosting

Bonus Product from NAMECHEAP

POSITIVE SSL From NAMECHEAP - Ultimate Protection for your site

The positive SSL solution from Namecheap is considered to be a good solution for personal websites that have low traffic. It is a cost-effective solution that can be considered by people on a low budget. It costs 10 dollars for the first year and even less in the second year with a price of $8.49. This product is great for personal websites or social media and has Encryption (up to 256-bit).

Additional features of the Comodo PositiveSSL Certificates


Domains Included

Addon Domains

Great for

Validation Level



Local Domains

Mobile Support



Browser Support





Personal Websites

Domain (DV)

None and



15 days



Free, unlimited


  1. Payment Methods include Credit cards, PayPal, Dwolla, and Bitcoin.
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