Buy Namecheap All-In-One Package Deal & Save Big

Namecheap All-in-one Package to help you save up to 80%

Namecheap has come up with the deal breaker in the World of hosting. Now you can save up to 80% on this deal when you buy the Namecheap all-in-one package. The all in one package includes three products

  1. Shared Hosting 45% off
  2. .com Domain 38% off
  3. Selected Domain 100% off
Buy in one package Deal and Save Big

Get these three packages as a one off deal and save as much as 80% in the deal.

Looking for just Hosting? Say no more

Namecheap is the go to hosting service provider for all small businesses. With a variety of choices to choose from, they guarantee that every client is catered for as per your needs or budget. Visit the site and see for yourself. You can choose one of these plans to go with the Namecheap all in one Package and enjoy the offer.

Featured Hosting Plans

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Why namecheap is your Hosting of Choice

  1. 24/7 Support – For any beginner out there, worry no more about getting help from your host. When you get any challenge while using the Namecheap hosting, You just start chatting with them on the bottom right hand side of the site, and they help you get moving on anything involving your domain and hosting.
  2. Free SSL – For all who are on the shared plan, there is absolutely no charge for  adding SSL to your domain. Thus, your site will have the https option which not only secures your site, but also helps you develop trust and confidence from your clients/users.
  3. Cheap Hosting – As shown above, Namecheap has one of the lowest fees for hosting. You are guaranteed to get any plan at your budget. With many plans to choose from, no one has ever lacked a plan to fit into.
  4. Top of the chart Registrar services – You will never see such a registrar service better than the one offered by Namecheap. With such, setting up your DNS Nameservers is a straight forward process.

Here are the Namecheap annual plans

Select your web Hosting Plan from namecheap

Cons of Namecheap Hosting Service

  1. Cheapest plans are crowded – When you take the cheapest plan, you have to ensure that the domain isn’t very busy with traffic otherwise, you will get a prompt from Namecheap support asking you to upgrade
  2. Unreliable IP on the Shared Plans – Expect your mails to go to spam mail for your recipients due to the shared IP on the shared Plans. You will need to spend extra on a reliable email plan to solve this con.

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