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WebHosting Services in 2021

What is WebHosting

The process of getting your website online for all your users to interact with it involves two main processes

  • Purchasing a Domain
  • Buying Hosting services

It is thus important to understand these two processes before we discuss which company to consult when you want to buy hosting.


Purchasing a Domain

You can choose any name you want as your domain name or name identifier. As long as that name has not been ‘taken’, then you are free to purchase the domain from the different Domain name Registrar on the market.

It is also paramount to note that you can still buy a domain even when someone else has bought it before you, as long as you give them a worthwhile offer to purchase it from them

Buying WebHosting Services

This is the jest of our discussion today.

We started off by asking ourself what Webhosting is. If we now understand what domain ownership is, then it is easy to say that the process of purchasing a domain is equivalent of buying the  furniture while web hosting is buying the house.

It is in this house (webhosting) that the domain and its content will be ‘hosted’. In simpler terms, WebHosting is getting a server where your domain will be accommodated and you will be in a position to add content into the domain, now called the website.

If you have read some of our articles, you will have met a few hosting service providers, their products, cost and reviews of the same.



Feel free to click on the above icons to read more on the said webhosting providers.

For this article, we will give you yet another alternative for Webhosting so that you are well equipped to make your choice for hosting – DreamHost.

DreamHost Webhosting Service

DreamHost - Hosting with Purpose
DreamHost - Hosting with Purpose

Dreamhost is one of the world renowned WebHosting platforms, it was founded back in the year 1997. It boosts of approximately 1.5 million websites, have a 24/7 customer support platform among other addons.

DreamHost Shared Hosting

DreamHost Shared Hosting
Cheap Dream Host Shared Server

The shared Hosting at DreamHost comes in two different options. Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. Below is a summary of both plans and their features

Shared Starter

Shared Unlimited

DreamHost VPS - Virtual Private Server

DreamHost Virtual Private Server - VPS
DreamHost Virtual Private Server - VPS

DreamHost Dedicated Server

Dreamhost dedicated server
Affordable DreamHost Dedicated Server
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