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Welcome to the bluehost review for 2021 where we tell whether they are really the best webhosting site or if it is just hype.

There are people out there who might not know what Bluehost is and what they deal with, are you asking the same question? say no more…

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting service in the world. They currently host over two million websites worldwide, yes, 2 million.

Bluehost has a variety of hosting plans that ensures that everyone and their budget are catered for. So, whether you have an eCommerce site or just starting out, I guarantee you that you will get a plan that suits you. We will discuss these plans in this review.

Bluehost hosting features

  1. Hosting sites online
  2. Selling/registering domain names
  3. Email hosting

There are three packages in the Bluehost Hosting plan: Shared, Reseller/VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

We will discuss all three in greater detail

1. Shared Hosting

Bluehost Shared Hosting

A shared hosting in any hosting service site means that you get very cheap hosting for websites with little traffic.

It is the lowest tier in any hosting service where people with small websites with little traffic SHARE IPs and other hosting services like storage, and Bandwidth.

Thus, this is a very good choice for those starting out or for those with blog sites will little traffic.

In Bluehost, there are 4 plans in the shared hosting. Here is a detailed review of each.





Choice Plus


Pro Plan


From the list above, it shows that there is a plan that fits every budget. Anyone can purchase any of the plans by clicking on the links below every plan listed above.

2. Reseller Package - VPS Hosting

Bluehost realized that there are smaller companies/individuals who would want to repackage and resell the product. That is how the reseller package was developed.

Bluehost Reseller Hosting

Here is the breakdown of the 4 plans that are included in the Reseller hosting plan.

With reseller plan, you can buy an additional IP if you want for just $3.99

Essential Plan

$17.99 /mo

Advance Plan

$21.99 /mo

Pro Plan

$28.99 /mo

Ultimate Plan

$45.99 /mo

3. Dedicated Hosting

dedicated bluehost hosting

For those who value ultimate performance,  privacy and security, a dedicated server will be your cup of coffee.

As a VIP service, those with dedicated servers are accorded a special team to act as their customer service team.

There are 3 plans in the Bluehost web hosting service and explained below

Standard Plan

$79.99 /mo

Enhanced Plan

$99.99 /mo

Premium Plan

$119.99 /mo

The Pros of Bluehost Web Hosting Service

I hope by now you see why Bluehost is regarded as one of the largest and the best Web hosting service in the world.

BlueHost Money Back Guarantee

So, let’s say that you have gone through all the stated plans and chosen one of them. Then, days after you feel like that plan is not best suited for your site, you don’t lose your money just like that.

Bluehost has a 30 days money back guarantee, no question asked,

You have no reason not to go with BlueHost as your webpage hosting service.

Frequently asked questions about Bluehost Hosting

Click on the question to see the answers

Well, the basic plan in the shared hosting is almost free considering the price of $3.99 per month. But realistically, No, it is not free. Every plan comes with its own price and it is upon the client to choose the plan that best suits their needs vis a vis they budget.

With customer trust level of 99%, we can say with confidence that BlueHost is a good hosting company.

They currently host over 2 million websites which also goes a long way to show the number of people who have faith in them.

Finally, their review about uptime is something to write home about. With barely any down time, customers appreciate that they can trust BlueHost to keep their sites online.

The main concern for beginners circle around customer support, cost and uptime.

Bluehost has 24/7 customer support agents who are ready to help clients settle in. There are also frequent email notifications explaining how processes work and ways to get help if stranded.

Most beginners have simple blogs and the sites are just setting off. In the shared hosting, a beginner is clowly eased on to the status of domain ownership and management. It is also farely cheap meaning that one would not make costly mistakes when sampling the plans to go for.

The 30 day money back guarantee is also another plus for beginners. One is able to experiment without having to lose money in the process.

If one s migrating from another plan or another web hosting service, they handle the transfer process for free at the time of the client’s choosing.

Yes it is and much more. Did you know that wordpress even recommend them in their own platform? This means they are very trusted for WordPress sites which is a huge plus considering that most websites use wordpress.

Bluehost also has a one click process to integrate wordpress in one’s website when setting up a new domain.

It is important also to note that other platforms are still supported by Bluehost, not just wordpress.

You most certainly can as explained above. If you want to host a custom made site, you can go ahead to do so regardless whether you want to integrate wordpress or not.

I normally say that cheap is relative. In the general terms, the shared hosting is very cheap because you take a number of clients and put them together in one server and they cost-share the service, making it very cheap to run the server.

For Domains, they can buy the domains in bulk thus afford to sell at low prices while still making profits from the sales.

We can say that they profit from economies of scale. Being a renowned company with many clients makes the process seem like a piece of cake.

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